Length: 18.3 cm    Weight: 39 grams

Elske was the very first female that was found on a lovely rainy evening in April. Born and raised in Limburg! She is named after Els la Vera, the famous local watering hole. BFF with salamander Maria!

SPONSOR: Niels de Zwarte



Length: 15.2 cm    Weight: 25 grams 

A very special Fire salamander female with extraordinary talents. She loves taking a dip in streams and leaves all al other salamanders far behind her. Real Olympic qualities in this one!

SPONSOR: Jan Twisterling



Length: 12.5 cm    Weight: 10.9 grams

A gorgeous male that was minding his own business in its favorite spot in the forest one October evening. Now, safe from Bsal he is looking forward to a bright future in the breeding group!

SPONSOR: Steven Zollinger



Length: 14.8 cm    Gewicht: 11.1 grams

Leroy was wondering in the forest in the fall of september 2012. Luckily some observant volunteers noticed him and took him to the shelter. Leroy is a real macho man and a champion in puffing himself up! He is also known as the baddest salamander in town!

SPONSOR:  Leroy Kloor


Isa, Jasper and Jorick

May we present to you (from left to right): Isa, Jasper and Jorick! These three dapper salamanders were born in the shelter. They are named after three salamander heroes that have done all kinds of choirs and gave their own money to adopt these little ones! 

SPONSOrs: Isa, Jasper van Delft and their friend Jorick Boer



Length: 17.0 cm    Weight: 25.6 grams   

Beautiful female with nice yellow markings at the base of her legs. Named after the daughter of the sponsor. 


Length: 15.2 cm    Weight: 12.7 grams 

Sharply patterned male! Named after the son of the sponsor.

SPONSOR: Willem Ferwerda



Tjeu(ke) is a very dear friend of Sjeng the salamander and cut from the finest wood! Everyone in the forest knows Tjeuke or Tjeu for short. Tjeuke is named after the legendary grandfather Sjeng (@VurigeSjeng) 

SPONSOR: @VurigeSjeng himself



Matt Ellerbeck (the salamander man - Save the Salamanders) has adopted Spark. Matt wants to contribute to the recovery and conservation of this amazing species! He also hopes his efforts will inspire others to become active and involved. 

SPONSOR: Matt Ellerbeck (the salamander man)  



Stella de Groot gave a wonderful presentation for her classmates about a very special animal: the Fire salamander! Stella, her teacher and her class mates were impressed and decided to adopt their very own salamander (named Fire!).  

Sponsors: Fith and Sixth grade of Openbare Basisschool de Trekvogel uit Mijdrecht


Bobo and irma



Every living creature has an intrinsic right for continued survival in the wild. This also applies to the gorgeous but highly endangered Fire salamander. Hopefully they can return to the wild one day!

Sponsor: Clarien van Harten



The Friens Family (Wouter, Anna en Lotte) live at the edge of it Bunderbos. On one evening we ran into two people of SOS fire salamander which told us all about the project and the plight of the fire salamander. We got inspired and adopted a salamander! Recently we organized a party and instead of asking for presents we asked for donations in order to adopt a salamander. 

Sponsors: Wouter, Anna and Lotte Kriens



Kevin is adopted by a sponsor from overseas. Sponsor Ruth named this fire salamander after a good friend and mentor who recently passed away.

Sponsor : Ruth Marcec, USA



Settareh is the granddaughter of forester Harm. Just like her sister Marjorie she got a salamander for her birthday! Now that isn't that a much cooler gift than a Barbie doll?

SPONSors: Harm and Joke Hofman



Length: 15.3 cm, Weight: 12.9 grams

Vuurtje is the Dutch word for Fire (a small one that is). This little salamander is aptly named for he is feisty indeed! Vuurtje was adopted by the fifth grade of De Es Primary school under. Students Bram and Jolan initiated the fundraiser and gave a wonderful presentation about the Fire salamander to their classmates! .

SPONSOrs: Groep 5 van vrije School De Es, Assen



Marjorie is the granddaughter of Forester Harm. For her birthday she got her very own Fire salamander, how is that for a fun and original present!

SPONsors: Harm en Joke Hofman



Henk Jan from Brummen adopted this handsome Fire salamander. Henk Jan hopes this sturdy fellow will sire many offspring! Henk Jan know the species very well from the French region Bretagne and that is why he named this salamander "Yann". This name is very common in Bretagne and very fitting for this animal indeed!

SPONSOR: Henk Jan de Looff



Fire salamanders can resemble mythological dragons a little bit. That is why this animal is called "Draakje" which is Dutch for Dragon. Lina and Jasmijn (age 9) found this name to be very fitting for this gorgeous Fire salamander. Soon both students will give a presentation about Draakje and his species to their classmate, way to go!

SPONsors: Lina en Jasmijn  


Puk and Pim

Salamanders Pim and Puk were named after sponsors Heleen and Marc. Heleen and Marc hope that these two salamanders will fall in love and sire many young salamanders! We sure hope so! 

SPONSORs: Heleen and Marc  



This young salamander was adopted/sponsored by Thom (age 8) and Anouk (age 10). To raise the funds to sponsor this salamander they collected bottles which raised money to be recycled, double win! They also set up a booth with a donation box at the local grocery store. They raised a total of 150 euros! Way to go Thom and Anouk, you are true salamander heroes!

SPONSORs: Thom and Anouk 



Salamander Kaia is named after to a dearly departed pet. The name Kaia finds its origins in Greece and means "Earth". How appropriate for a landsalamander!

SPONSOR: Chaimel Kayleigh Lerou


Fooke, Sjefke, Suzanette and Wendas

Our super sponsor Sjef Lamers was so inspired by the projects that he sponsored not 1 but 4 (!) for the next three years! The salamanders are one female (Suzanette) en three beautiful males (Wendas, Sjefke and Fooke)! 

Sponsor: Sjef Lamers



Merith is female salamander caught in 2012 and the latest addition to the breeding groups. She is a happy, lively salamanders and has a cute dot on her nose.

SPONSOR: Merith Boer


Bouke's pubergroep 

These cute little salamanders are born in the shelter. This groups comprises out of 5 cool teenagers born. Their mother Gerda is very proud of her litter! 

SPONSOR: Bouke ten Cate



Length:15.5 cm    Weight: 18.6 grams

Alexia is hesitant to leave her home and hopes to found a family until her wild home is safe from Bsal

SPONSOrs: Marijke and Gerrit Krips



Length:16.5 cm    Weight: 25 grams 

Salamander Gerda is not very big but was obviously gravid! In May she gave birth to 49 larvae! Gerda is a real super mom that loves a big family and is fun loving like all people in Limburg!

SPONSOR: Aleida Kuijzer