Sjeng (male)

Length:13.7 cm    Weight: 15 grams

For many months Sjeng was the only male in the breeding group. Now with quite a few females he has his work cut out for him! Luckily young Sjeng has a thing for slightly older women. After being the only male for a while another has joined in september (2012) to share the "burden". Sjeng has his very own Twitter account. You can follow him: @VurigeSjeng 

SPONSOR:  Stichting Dierenrampenfonds 


Maria (Female)

Length:17.6 cm    Weight: 37 grams

Close friend of salamander Elske. Elske and Maria where found close together on a forest trail. Maria is a sturdy lady with attitude! She is housed with the famous Sjeng!

SPONSOREN: Rob Veen en Claire Heisteeg (Centre Tigouleix in la Creuse, France:


Ankie (female)

Length:15.2 cm    Weight: 17.5 grams

Ankies is a spirited little salamander. When others go right she would rather go left and always does her own thing. Her favorite food are yummy slugs and worms.

SPONSOR: De salamandervereniging (Dutch Salamander Society)


Benjamin (Male)

Length: 5.8 cm    Weight: 1.5 gram

Benjamin is true to this name. He is the smallest of the group, a cute little fire salamander that still fits on a beech leaf. Benjamin is feeling a bit under the weather and has been transferred to Dr. Frank Pasmans and Dr. An Martel for some TLC and special care. Hopefully these two famous salamander doctors can help Benjamin feeling better soon so he can return to his friends!

SPONSOR: The Wandering Herpetologist 


Brummel (male)

Brummels is Gelders dialect (a Dutch dialect) for bramble. Brummel is a male adopted by Thijs Schippers and Teunis Achterkamp as representatives of the Nature and Environment Foundation Brummen.

SPONSOR: Stichting Natuur en milieu platform Brummen 


Kemal (male)

All the way from Turkey we received a very special request to adopt Kemal! Barbara who resides in beautiful Cappadocië (Guest House Göreme) now can call her self the proud adoptive mother of Kemal! 

SPONSOrs: Barbara en Kemal van Kemal's Guest House 



Sproet was adopted by the students of primary school from Wilp-Achterhoek. The students raise the funds to adopt Sproet in the icy cold on the twentieth of March during their annual  sponsor run! True salamander champions each and everyone of them! Sproet cannot be more proud of and thankful! 

SPONSOR: Basisschool OBS Wilp-Achterhoek (students Primary school)



The Fire salamander is declining fast in the Netherlands due to a terrible disease! Fire salamanders got their name in a special way. Long ago, when people where gathering fire wood and made fires sometimes a fire salamander was hidden in or among the branches. When the fire was lit the salamander quickly escaped the heat. People thought fire did not harm the animal and could resist it with ease. The name "Fire Salamander" was derived from this alleged quality. 
Rockwool and this amazing salamander species have a lot in common! Rockwool protects people and their possessions with her products against fire. Rockwool is well known for its inflammable insulation materials Rockwool strives to improve, innovate and make its products and processes more sustainable. By doing so Rockwool contributes to a better quality of life for man and nature. 




Sam is named after a boy who dreams of being a forester! Sponsor Daan van der Elsken had the same dream when he was young. Daan is a professional ecologist and his dream has come true. Sam and Daan often head out in the field together to experience nature and have adventures! One of their dreams is to see a wild Fire salamander in the Netherlands. By adopting salamander Sam they hope contribute to the future of their beloved salamander species and secure it futures survival. 

SPONSOR: Daan van der Elsken, Elsken Ecologie


Connie (Female)

Connie is one of the last females collected from the wild in order to save her from Bsal. She was adopted by Veldbiologische Werken, een compant that specialized in Nature- and environmental education. Recently Connie become a mother of no less than 34 little salamanders!

SPONSOR: Veldbiologische Werken



Luci (Female)

Luci her name comes from "lucifer' which is a very appropriate name for a Fire salamander. Luci is a feisty salamander that wants only the best concerning water- and soil quality, a real stickler for details! No wonder that Luci was adopted by Research Centre B-WARE which is housed in the same building as RAVON. B-WARE has conducted the research on the quality of the streams of it Bunderbos, one of the last bastions of the Dutch Fire salamander. During this study several dead salamanders were found by B-WARE and one living individual. B-WARE supports RAVON and hopes that in the future southern Limburg will once again support a large population of Fire salamanders!

Sponsor: B-ware Research Centre



Foundation Herpetofauna is closely involved with nature conservation in the Netherlands and abroad, especially where reptiles and amphibians are involved. When we had the change to help our very own very Fire salamander we of course wanted to help! We believe in collaboration in order to conserve these animals, laymen and professionals alike. Hopefully we can adopt more salamanders! We would like to thank everyone for their efforts in this amazing and important project! 

Sponsor: Stichting Herpetofauna



The Madison Area Herpetological Society has decided to name the salamander Saramander to honor Sara Viernum in helping raise awareness and funds in the US. The Madison Area Herpetological Society decided to donate to the Adopt-A-Salamander fundraiser that The Wandering Herpetologist runs for SOS Vuursalamander during a presentation that TWH co-founder Sara gave during an MAHS meeting about the new chytrid fungus and the decline of fire salamanders in the Netherlands.  
The Madison Area Herpetological Society is located in Madison, Wisconsin and strives to educate enthusiasts and the general public about frequently misunderstood reptiles and amphibians. It also gives a community a basis for expertise on issues dealing with local laws, ordinances, and conservation.

Sponsor: Madison Area Herpetological Society



Named after Dutch cartoon hero Alfred Jodokus Kwak! Alfred was adopted thanks to the efforts of (sports!) of Margo and Jeroen of Province Limburg. Thanks to the contributions of the people that sponsored them they have been able to adopt Alfred! Hopefully this contributes to a bright future for the Fire salamander in the Netherlands!


My jet-black color reminds a bit of cartoon hero Henk de Mol, the adoptive father of Alfred Jodokus Kwak in the cartoon. My color pattern is totally unique! Alfred was adopted thanks to the efforts of (sports!) of Margo and Jeroen of Province Limburg. Thanks to the contributions of the people that sponsored them they have been able to adopt Alfred! Hopefully this contributes to a bright future for the Fire salamander in the Netherlands!

Sponsor: Limburgs landschap


Fuego, Jordi and Tariq

The Wandering herpetologist, a website dedicated to educate the public about reptiles and amphibians, dispel fears and myths, share scientific research and blogs of field herpetologists, adopted no less than three very cute salamanders! Jordi Janssen and Tariq Stark got their very own and well deserved Fire salamanders! The third salamander was named by Sara Viernum, co-founder of the Wandering herpetologist! This little one is called "Fuego" which means fire. 

Sponsor: The Wandering Herpetologist 


Heinz, Jo and Willemien

Heinz: Length:16.6 cm Weight: 25.3 grams

Jo: Length: 14.5 cm, Weigth: 17.3 grams

Willemien: Length 16.0 cm, Weight: 29.9 grams

Foundation Dieren in Nood (Maastricht) supports this project by adopting three salamanders. The salamanders are named after the current and former board members.

Sponsor: Stichting Dieren in Nood