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LOCATION                                   DETECTION OF MORTALITIES



  • Robertville* (2014, fire salamander)                
  • Eupen* (2013, fire salamander)                    
  • Luik*  (2015, fire salamander)                        
  • Duffel* (2015, alpine newt)                       
  • Dinant*  (2016, fire salamander)                         


  • Weisse Wehe* (2015, fire salamander)             
  • Solchbachtal*  (2015, fire salamander)              
  • Belgenbachtal*  (2015, fire salamander)       
  • Brockenberg (2016, smooth newt)
  • Fischbach (2016, fire salamander) 
  • Essen* (2017, fire salamander)

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Aforementioned case are all wild salamanders. In 2015 there have been Bsal outbreak in two captive colonies in the United Kingdom (Speleomantes) and Germany (Fire salamanders - four species)  (Cunningham, 2015Sabino-Pinto et al. 2015).

Bsal was first detected in two locations in the Dutch province Limburg: Bunderbos and Putberg (Fire salamanders and Alpine newts). Deceased animals were found as far back as 2008 but the cause of these mortalities was not identified until 2013. In Belgium outbreaks were detected from 2013 on; Robertville (Fire salamanders, 2013), Eupen (Fire salamanders, 2014), Luik (Fire salamanders), Dinant (Fire salamanders, 2016) and in Flanders (Duffel). In Germany the disease has been detected in the Eifel region (near Aachen/Aken) and near Essen (Nordrhein Westfalen). In the map below an overview of locations where Bsal has been detected in all three countries. When the cursor is kept on a dot in the map the location name and infected specie(s) will be displayed.


  • Bsal has been detected initially in the Netherlands in several locations in extreme south of the province Limburg (Bunderbos, Putberg and Vijlenerbos). Recently the pathogen has also been detected in the center of Limburg and near the city of Nijmegen in the province Gelderland. 
  • In Belgium Bsal has been reported from Eupen (Fire salamander, December 2013), Robertville (Fire salamander, April 2014), Luik (Fire salamander, April 2015), near Antwerpen (Duffel) and close to the French border (Dinant, Fire salamander, April 2016).
  • Bsal has been detected In six locations in Germany (2015, 2016, 2017).