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The Nature and Forestry Agency (ANB) started a project in close collaboration with Gent University in order to gain more insights regarding chytridiomycosis and ranavirus in amphibian populations. The webpage of Natuurpunt is also a good source of information regarding Bsal including hygiene protocols for citizen scientists/professional field biologists and breeders of urodelans. Recently a National Action Plan has been formulated which can be downloaded here.

Currently the possibility and feasibility of an ex situ assurance population of fire salamanders in Belgium is being investigated. The initial recommendations and considerations can be downloaded here. 

Below contact information to report deaths or ask other questions that may arise:


When suspicious animals are found in Wallonia nature organization Natagora can be contacted. 


GhENT University

Suspicious animals found in the vicinity of Gent (Flanders) are best reported to Gent University (Department of Pathology, bacteriology and poultry diseases)